How I reviewed the social media presence of a 1M$ startup.


CompanyJam helps student with their everyday needs through SMS and Facebook Messenger. For free.
Challenge: review their social media presence
Working period: 1 week

1. define the goals

The first step of any social media marketing strategy is to set the goals that you wish to achieve. It will enable you to react quickly if the campaign isn’t meeting your expectations. Here's 7 popular goal-setting strategies for marketers to try by our friends of Buffer.

Once we agreed on the campaign’s objectives, I started helping Jam shine on social networks ✨


2. conduct a discovery audit

I researched what was currently happening in the social media sphere:

  • who is currently connecting to JAM via the social media?

  • which social media sites the target market uses?

  • how JAM social media presence compares to the competitors’?

Conducting the audit gave me a clear and concise picture of the startups’ social media presence and its management by the company. I knew every social account representing the company, who ran or controlled them, and what purpose they served.


3. the current proposition

The first thing was to identify the purpose of the current editorial line. Did it have a clear voice? Could a user quickly identify JAM? 

Readers must be able to anticipate what kind of content they’ll get from your publications. This way they can come to you for a specific type of information. To know what your editorial line is, you must understand who your readers are, and who you want them to be.

For JAM, I analyzed data from Facebook Insights and Twitter analytics, finding the type of posts that resonated with the audience and how JAM managed his social media content (type of article, frequency of publication, copy, timing and more).

JAM wasn’t a novice! In fact, once the audit completed, I was pretty amazed by their social media management 👏



As explained on the homepage, I really believe that every brand can tell an engaging, entertaining, or useful story. Here's some points I have worked on for JAM:

👉What could be the next stories and how can it engage the communities?

👉What are the missing Social Media best practices and how can it be implement today in the strategy:

  • how to use real time marketing? 
  • how to use nostalgia to increase engagement?
  • how to engage the community on the newest social networks: should JAM be on Snapchat? does JAM need a Vine account? 
It’s was a great pleasure to work with Olivier
— Employee at JAM


A clear visual identity is key to catch the user’s attention while he's scrolling his newsfeed like Usain Bolt. To get noticed in the newsfeed jungle, your branding must be brillant and your positioning must be clear. With that in mind I created a template for introducing Jam’s new platform features 👇

Here are some examples of how JAM could introduce their brand new partnerships. The main idea was already live, but it was important to standardize all the assets and built a template to get attention and save time.


Lastly, I helped JAM to understand where paid social (such as display ads and promoted posts) needed to fit in their marketing mix, and how to determine which platforms and ad types to invest in. We also reviewed some advertising hacks ⚡️

I hope you enjoyed this case. Feel free to contact me to talk if you need help with your Social Media presence!