Hi, I'm Olivier 👋
and this is my story.

My friends call me Olive. I'm originally from France, grew up in a medium sized town named Limoges. There isn’t much to tell about from my childhood to my sweet sixteens. I grew up watching MTV, building cabins with friends, and riding my bike in the woods. Oh yes, I played football for a while too… it always has been a thing for me. 

I found marketing by accident at University, I was first interested in design but making shine my side projects was where I killed it. Back in 2010, my friends and I had two side projects beside the Uni: one was a showcase of the best 404 pages, and the other one was The Murtaugh List, a social network to "Make your life legendary!". Yeah... we saw The Social Network and we were dreaming about living more or less the same story. Simply replace Harvard with Limoges University. Anyway, I learned a lot working with my friends at night.

In 2011, with my degrees in hand, it was time for me to take off. I joined my first digital agency as a community manager in Cannes for a year. There, I was responsible of managing the social networks of national french brands. Back in 2011, we were at the beginning of the social media storm...

A year later, I decided to move from Cannes to Paris, and joined Silenzio, the greatest digital agency only focused on the film industry. I literally lived with these guys for 3 years! It was one my favorite experience. I learnt so much and met the most brillant people I could work with (from famous directors to talented marketing experts). As a Social Media Manager, I was responsible of giving movies the best exposure using social media and digital strategies! To give you a better idea, I promoted more than 80 movies on social media (including working for very popular movies or with very talented directors: Coens brother, Sorrentino, Almodovar, Coppola and more!).

In 2015, I decided to quit this great job to experience a different lifestyle, where I could work and live from anywhere I want. That's how I became though a Social Media freelancer, with a deep interest in emerging social networks and communities. 

Working as an independant allowed me to travel around earth and live in a lot of different cities for a month or so. While traveling and living from Airbnb to Airbnb, I was able to work on meaningful projects (Outsite.co, Bob Emploi, WeMind...) or with challenging companies & agencies (Dior, Ogilvy...). Time to time, I was back to France to catch up with my fam, friends, and my clients. Beside, I had the opportunity to teach Social Media Marketing for 2 years, in one of the top business school in France: Audencia.

While I was working to support my travels and my rents, I also took time to cofound two meaningful projects: 

• Mangrove ; A community of creators who share the same values and gather around retreats. Building this community was one of the greatest experience of my life. We travel and work from all around the world together. We met communities in San Francisco, Tokyo, Berlin. We explored new kinds of organizations. We recommend books, movies and talks to each others.

• Pew! ; We're allowing teenagers to publish audio content and share their feeling about specific topics. I would be happy to explain you the story behind these changes!

Today, I'm happy to be involved in these two projects, but I'm always open to new opportunities and challenges. If you want to grab a coffee or simply want to chat, just reach out: olivier.thms@gmail.com