Hi, I'm Olivier 👋
and this is my story.

TL;DR: I am a digital marketer with a deep interest in sports, cinema, TV shows, design, tech and emerging communities. I've been very lucky to work with great teams for the past 8 years. From startups to multi-national companies, I work closely with awesome and diverse types of team.

My friends call me Olive and i'm originally from France. I grew a medium-sized town named Limoges. There isn’t much to tell about these good old times in fact. I grew up watching MTV, building cabins with friends, and riding my bike in the woods.


Surrounded by sports and cinema.

After almost 30 years of experiencing human life, my drives have become more and more clear to me. First, I can admit it, I’m really into sports: watching it on weekly basis, listening to 2 hours of podcasts per day, and reading sports articles… like a lot. That’s why, I became a pool lifeguard for summer jobs, and it also explains why I’m always down for a trek or a soccer game. 

Apart from sports, people I met at and after Uni led me to arts and guided me to develop a deep interest for diverse kind of arts: from cinema to architecture and graphic design. Since then, I dedicate a significant amount of my time exploring arts, especially cinema. That’s why, back in 2012, I decided to join Silenzio, the greatest digital agency only focused on the film industry. For 3 years, I was responsible for giving movies the best exposure using social media and digital strategies! I learnt so much and met the most brillant people I could work with, from famous directors (Coen brothers, Sorrentino, Almodovar, Coppola…) to talented marketing experts. You can refer to my LinkedIn profile if you want to learn more on how I promoted more than 50 movies per year.

Cinema and also branding. In fact, I’m really interested in how brands, products or even features and programs can be built from scratch. I'm truly passionate about conceiving visual and editorial identities according to the brand values, vision and beliefs. I would be happy to show you how I created cool branding in the past.


Exploring the world and submerging into cities.

In 2016, after working 5 years in digital agencies in Paris, I decided to move on with my life and reach my deepest desire: explore our planet. That's why I became a freelancer. From almost 3 years now, it has allowed me to travel around earth and live in many different cities for a month or more. While traveling and living from Airbnb to Airbnb, I’m still able to work on meaningful projects or challenging companies, and teach Social Media in a top french business school in the meantime. Being a remote freelancer required to be truly organized in my daily life in order to reach the best of my productivity potential. That's how for 2 years, I was able to manage social advertising from Montreal, work as a community manager from Tokyo, implement digital marketing strategies from Sydney and San Francisco, or benchmark online strategies from Paris and Berlin.


Building meaningful communities.

While I was working remotely as a freelancer, I also took time to cofound two meaningful projects. 

• Mangrove ; A community of creators who share the same values and gather around retreats. Building this community was one of the greatest experience of my life. We travel and work from all around the world together. We met communities in San Francisco, Tokyo, Berlin. We explore new kinds of organizations. We recommend books, movies and blog posts to each others.

• Pew! ; A mobile app where we allow teenagers to publish audio content and share their feeling about specific topics. This team is made of 3 friends and myself. I keep learning so much alongside these guys. Building a product from 0 to 1 has been one of the most challenging projects I ever faced.

Today, I'm happy to be involved in these two projects, but I'm always open to new opportunities and challenges. If you want to grab a coffee or simply want to chat, just reach out: olivier.thms@gmail.com

Personal Timeline:

• 2018 - Today: Birth of Pew! Audio based social app dedicated to teenagers.
Mangrove is growing (150+ members).

• 2016 - Today: Freelancing as a Social Media Strategist for meaningful projects and challenging companies (including Dior, TÊTU, Ogilvy, parisian and californian startups...). 
Teaching social media in Audencia Business School (International Bachelors).

• 2016: Birth of Mangrove where we gather a community of talented creators who share the same values and gather around retreats.

• 2012 - 2015: Worked as social media lead at Silenzio, the greatest digital agency only focused on the film industry.

• 2011 - 2012: Got my first job as a community manager in a digital agency.